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Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary (Ghana)


Distance: 5km south of Bharatpur

Area: 29 sq km

Population: 16, 46,501 (humans)

Temperature: Ranges from 49 ºC to 2 ºC

Rainfall: 650mm


The Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary was initially created by Maharaja Suraj Mal, because he had some great ideas – not of conservation, but of the possibility of a constant supply of waterfowl for the royal dining table. At that time, it used to be a scrubby depression of land, seasonally enlivened by ephemeral ponds of water following the monsoons.



Four species of crane visit Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary, including the famous Siberian crane, but the Sarus crane is resident. A large grey bird with a red head and nearly as tall as a man, the Sarus crane is much venerated as a symbol of marital bliss in India. Sarus cranes pair for life, and locals believe that if one dies, the other will die of a broken heart.






 It was declared protectec senctuary in 1971. It is also a World Heritage Site.





Agra is the one of the prominent destinations of the World Tourism map with three heritage monuments -The Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri & Red Fort.


It is more just a dacadent city of graveyards and stones, but it is a vibrant   centre of Culture, Art and Religious philosphies that have enriched mankind and shaped humen thought over centuries. Agra is famous for handicrafts products such as Inley work on Marvel, Leather work, Footwear, Brasswear, Carpets, Jwellery, Zari and Embroidery work.



Mathura widely known as birth place of lord Krishna is located on the western bank of river Yamuna at latitude 27degree 41 Minute N and 77Degree and 41 Minuet E. It is 145 Km south-east of Delhi and 58 Km North West of Agra in the State of Uttar Pradesh. For about 3000 Year it was the hub of culture and civilization. Held in sanctity by the Buddhists, Jain and Brahmanical faith alike, it has a long and chequered history. One of the Sapta Mahapuris, it was ruled in turns by the kings of Solar and Lunar dynasties and became a center of three Cultures India Indo-Scythian and Hellenstic. For are creation Mathura is the Athens of India. The great school of sculpture known as Mathura school of Art flourished here for 1200 Years.



Location: 34 km from Bharatpur in Rajasthan, India.
Built By: Badan Singh in 1722 AD
Famous For: Deeg Fort
Other Highlights: Magnificent Palaces and Mughal Gardens


Deeg, 36 km north of Bharatpur, is a small town yet to be explored. Very few travellers ever make it to Deeg, if on a way to the famous sanctuary, but this small town with its exquisite fortifications, impressive palaces and busy market makes an excellent excursion tour, much more interesting than Bharatpur (save the bird park) itself. Take up Deeg Tourism in Bharatpur which is an easy day trip from Agra, the trivial town of Deeg is best known for its well-preserved palaces and an elegantly manicured Mughal Garden. Visit Deeg during the three-day fair held in the month of September, when the Deeg fort is decorated like a newly wed bride. Enjoy a holiday in the rural destination of Deeg to enjoy the rural culture and heritage




Govardhan is famous for the Holy Goverdhan Hill. There are many temples in this town namely Shri Haridev ji Temple, Daan-Ghati Temple and Mukharbind Temple . The town is also famous for its 21 kilometers long Parikrama of the famous Govardhan hill. The parikrama procession is held in very high religious belief. It's said that Lord Krishna held Goverdhan Hill on his little finger to save the town from wrath of the god of rains Indra.